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Sunday, Feb 16, 2020, 2:00 pm, Valentine's Gift Making Workshop

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Vintage "Love-collection (Sentimental) Box" Workshop

What are we going to do at the workshop?

We'll decorate a wooden box with 6 cells using gift paper, washi tape, stickers and more. The box was meant to be a tea box, but we'll actually create a "sentimental box" as a gift to someone we love (spouse, parent, child...) (and then they can use it as a tea box or to hold the sentimental items within...) In the box we'll put 6 items that we'll decorate as well:

  • A picture of our loved ones within a small colurful frame (with a magnet on the back)
  • 2 luggage tags for travel
  • 2 keychains with your and your loved one's initials
  • 2 small notepads with personal notes to one another
  • 2 magnets made of puzzle pieces of places in Canada that mean something to you
  • A personal message in a small bottle
All materials are included and what's left for us is to enjoy our time.


A private house in south Edmonton (Summerside lake). Email me to get an exact address

I'm looking forward to this workshop and I'd love to see you there! Rinat



Sign up by Tuesday, Feb 11 at 6:00 pm to get $10 off.

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Love-collection (Sentimental) Box

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Love-collection (Sentimental) Box - Opened

Mandala Painting Secrets Workshop

What are we going to do at the workshop?

In the workshop I’ll tell you my secrets behind drawing my style of mandalas. We will start with very basic and simple shapes that anyone could draw. Adding more and more simple shapes in a symmetric manner, will result in a detailed complex mandala that would be lovely to see. We would practice on plain paper until we feel comfortable, and then we will draw a mandala on a cover of a notebook, that you’ll be able to personalize for yourself or as a gift using letter stencils. Each participant will come out of the workshop with his/her unique mandala that only he/she could create.


If you have a preference of the notebook color that you would like to draw on, out of the following three colors (grey, light brown, dark brown, see images below), please let me know by email by Tuesday, December 10, and I’ll do my best to get you a notebook with that color – email me at:

Notebook color options

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Grey Notebook

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Light Brown Notebook

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Dark Brown Notebook