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Clockworking is a shop for hand-crafted items specially designed and personalized by Rinat.

``I love hand-painting on wooden wall clocks and other wooden home goods. I also hand-paint on wall clocks of a variety of other materials. Creating, designing and painting are my life-long passions. I sell my hand-painted items on Etsy, and in local arts and crafts fairs.''


Native Wooden Wall-Clocks Set.

This is the first line of wall-clocks that Rinat has hand-painted. ``I started painting and my mind went into a calmness and relaxation zone. Nothing else mattered." Inspire your home with this Silent Wooden Wall-Clock or give someone you love a creative touch to their home.


Creative Mandala Wall-Clocks Set.

Rinat spends beautiful evenings painting Mandala Wall-Clocks, paying careful attention to the details. ``I play with painting free-form mandalas on these wooden wall clocks. I really enjoyed the creation process." Take a leap to spirituality and relaxation with the Mandala Silent Wall-Clocks line... Or maybe a very focused mind is needed to appreciate the details?

Spiritual Connections
Detailed Attentions

Wooden Welcome Signs Set.

Wouldn’t you love welcoming your guests with an authentic hand-painted welcome sign with warm colors? Also perfect as a house warming gift.


Wooden Towel Hanger Set.

These lovely towel hangers, hand-painted by Rinat, are made with special care and make a perfect gift, that fills the home of a loved-one with warmth.


Personalized Wooden Home Goods.

``Personalization of my work fills me with joy and fulfilment. I believe that it makes three hearts warmer – someone who has a true desire to make someone happy, someone that receives a gift from someone who loves her/him, and my own heart - for making those two hearts warmer."

Do you want Rinat to personalize one of the home goods for you? Contact Rinat through Clockworking Etsy page.


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Clockworking embraces a unique look to each and every one of a variety of products

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We joyfully implement your ideas to personalize our products to fill a loved-one heart with joy and warmth.

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